Winter Storage Check In: Did Your Belongings Brave the Storm?

Keep your stuff safe from treacherous winter weather

We all felt the impacts of last week’s winter storms in one way or another, but how can you be sure your belongings are safe in their storage unit? Though not obvious, the winter cold can threaten your items just as much as a warm day at the beach. Double-check your storage security with this handy checklist:

  • Insects and rodents damage: As the weather cools, critters look for a warm place to snuggle in. Fabric and food attract these furry creatures and make for a nice nesting spot and feeding ground. Keep your area tidy and free of food and maybe set a few rodent traps just in case.
  • Water damage: During the rainy fall and melting spring, water can seep into basements, garages, and attics, damaging boxes and their contents. Water causes mold and mildew which can irreversibly damage fabric, paper, and wood. Make sure your valuables are covered and sitting on pallets away from walls.
  • Snow and ice damage: Snow can accumulate on things like lawn furniture and equipment, causing rust on bolts, bike chains, and can dull or crack glossy finishes. Wrap your furniture in tarps or soft cloths and put them in a dry, covered unit to keep the snow off.
  • Salt and sand damage: Salt and sand spreads on driveways can corrode and scratch cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and RVs. Rather than leaving your toys in the harsh winter weather, store them in a special car storage unit or RV pad.

Storing your belongings does not have to be as unpredictable as the crazy New England weather we’ve all come to love. Take a few minutes this weekend to check on the stored item in your storage unit, garage, or basement. It may save you seasons worth of hassle in the spring. Good luck!

Did your belongings brave the storms? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!