When To Switch Storage Unit Size

New Hampshire self storageFinding a proper storage unit requires plenty of research and dedication to the cause. You want to be sure that the unit is serviceable in terms of function, security, and size.  Size can be a tricky portion, since it is hard to know which option to work with when you are looking to store your items. Below, observe some situations in which you should switch the size of your storage unit for optimal security and function. For excellent New Hampshire self storage, contact Store It Now.



1.) You Need More Room

You do not want to pack your items away, only for them to not fit in the unit. Tightly packed spaces can result in damaged goods and even more problems than you started with. If you can even slightly guess that your unit needs to be bigger, it is better to be safe than sorry. To prevent this, try your best to measure the total area you will need at home before you book the space – that way, when it is booked, your unit is sure to hold it all in place.


2.) You Have Items That Need Extended Space

Items like furniture, precious art, or appliances need to be very protected. This means taking care of their spacial needs – they cannot be crammed in a unit and expected to be left undamaged. When you have plenty of items like this, prevention can be key. Invest in a big enough unit for your more expensive items to have some breathing room. It will pay off.


3.) You Miscalculate

Computing errors happen to the best of us. Perhaps, at home, you miscalculated your spacing needs and forgot to add some important items. If they take up plenty of more space, you are going to need to expand your unit. Luckily, units can be booked in advance, and canceled easily. We offer plenty of unit sizes for New Hampshire self storage. Make sure you call early if you need to switch, since timeliness makes it easier on everyone.



These are just a few situations in which changing your storage unit’s size can benefit you. Be sure to do your research, and book the right unit for the job. Taking measures early and visiting the units yourself before you book can make it an easier process. For any New Hampshire self storage needs, don’t hesitate to contact us!