What You Need For Packing Your Belongings in a Storage Unit

New Hampshire self storagePrepping for some storage can be a hassle. Keeping track of everything and finding the right storage unit can take plenty of time, with little room for thinking of the little things.

Below, observe some must haves you will need before you store your belongings in a storage unit. As always, you can count on Store It Now for quality New Hampshire self storage.



1.) Boxes and Storage Items

The most important part of it all! You will need a steady of supply of proper items to keep your belongings nice and safe while you are away.

Make sure that the items you use are very durable, as they may fall on top of items in the unit, or become susceptible from mishandling damage. Think of what will need to be extra protected, and use the appropriate things to store them.


2.) Strong Tape or Adhesive

The second component of keeping your items locked away tightly is keeping those storage items shut nice and tight. Tape, glue, or adhesive is necessary to keep the items closed and air-tight.

Of course, do not use any type of seal that has the ability to damage your personal items. That is never worth it.


3.) Your Items

You would not have to worry about any of this if you had no items to pack! It is imperative to make sure every piece of your belongings you need to store are all there.

Try making a checklist or something else organizational that will keep tabs on what it stored, and what it is stored in. This will be key to making sure you have everything safe, and know everything’s place.


4.) Labels or Markers

Knowing what is inside each box is key to both packing and unpacking your belongings. You will want to know what is in your boxes, and what goes where.

A simple label maker or maker will do just the trick. Use it to write what is in each box, and give each box a big enough description so you know where everything is organized. It will save you from plenty of headaches!


5.) A Booked Unit

The unit itself is key to storing everything. However, these services are not often available every hour of the day. They require advanced planning and communication.

Make sure you find the right unit for your items by measuring how much space you need and booking a unit with a storage unit company. We offer a variety of sizes for New Hampshire self storage, as well as top-notch security and prices that are very wallet-friendly.



Find the above items, and your packing will become a whole lot easier when you need to book and use a storage unit to keep your personal belongings safe. Always be careful with your most precious belongings!

For New Hampshire self storage that has the quality you need without a hefty price tag or hidden fees, contact us to find your next storage unit.