What to Put In Size-Specific Storage Units

NH self storageIf you are new to using storage units, it can be a bit daunting and hard to know where to start. Making sure everything is completely taken care of, secure, and accounted for will ensure the best use of your time and money. Below, observe what you can fit into each size of a storage unit and discover what option you should choose. Store It Now is an excellent option for NH self storage, and we have the following sizes.



5 x 5 feet

This size is the smallest of the standard options, and is roughly the size of a hall closet. This space is perfect for smaller items that need some storage. Clothes, toys, smaller packaged boxes, and other items that don’t require much heavy lifting are what should go in here. A first time user, or someone with few goods to store, will find this to be a good fit.


5 x 10 feet

A 5 x 10 unit offers a bit more width while carrying a smaller length. It has a little amount more room than a closet and can fit just about one room’s worth of items in it. Small furniture, clothing, and other middle-of-the-road items will fit in here just fine.


5 x 15 feet

This unit offers a right amount of depth. However, the length remains on the smaller side. If it is thin and full, it is going to work well in this setting. Bulky furniture or a lot of items will fit better elsewhere.


10 x 10 feet

Perhaps the most standard measurement, this is an excellent even square unit that offers quite a bit of room. A 10 x 10 is the size of an average bedroom. You could probably fit a smaller apartment’s entire contents in this unit.


 10 x 15

With a bit more width than the 10 x 10, some more items can fit in here. However, it is still more suited for a small living space. This unit will fit a little house’s contents reasonably, but a bigger living space’s materials would be cumbersome for this area.


10 x 20

This marks a shift in options. A 10 x 20 storage unit will be able to hold plenty more than a 10 x 15, and is roughly the size of a standard garage. An average home, say, three bedrooms, can keep its contents in this unit.


10 x 25

A more significant garage is the closest comparison to this living space. A car, a subtantial amount of furniture, and boxes will be able to be locked away nicely in this space. For comparison, a slightly larger home with four bedrooms can fit its belongings here.


10 x 30

A 10 x 30 unit will offer plenty of room. If you need to overestimate or know you have plenty of belongings to stow away, this will be your most safe and fitting option. A large house’s contents will fit nicely within.



Once you have assessed what you need to store and how much you need to save, the storage unit shopping process becomes a whole lot easier. We offer these sizes, so you can come to us with confidence for quality and varied NH self storage.