What Store It Now Can Offer You

New Hampshire self storageIt can be a hard enough process to shop around for a storage unit and secure your items. You need to look for a quality storage unit lot where you can keep precious items or vehicles, and it is important to choose a company that is completely trustworthy and quality.

Store It Now has plenty of locations, sizes, and expertise. We are a wonderful choice for New Hampshire self storage. Below, see why we should be who you rely on for storage.




If you have to store items that are different sizes, our spaces have plenty of units to choose from. Any item will be able to be secured and watched closely.

In addition to plenty of size options, various types of storage units are available as well. If  you own a boat or vehicle, you can count on Store It Now to offer you quality service and a unit for whatever item(s) you need locked away.



The last thing you want to deal with while you have to lock up items and leave them behind is safety. It is imperative that all of your belongings are kept in good shape, and will not be accessed by strangers.

We have great security, with plenty of cameras and employees to take care of any maintenance issues. There are also lots of alarms as well to alert security personnel to any break ins.



Store It Now has been family owned and operated for a while now, and we provide quality customer service. We are a local operation, and cater to customer needs.

We are always in contact with customers, and are sure to be fair and honest with storage unit rates and prices.


Multiple Locations

Store It Now owns several different locations throughout New Hampshire. If you part of the state, there is bound to be a location that can give you quality New Hampshire self storage.

Be sure to take a look around and find what location is best for your needs, and is as local to you as possible.



The staff of Store It Now has plenty of advice and know-how to assist you with any storage unit needs you have. In addition to professionalism, you can count on us to provide knowledge that will assist you.

From size consultation to helping you decide which type of unit to use, there are plenty of excellent tips at our disposal.


Fair Pricing

With Store It Now, there are no tricks or hidden fees. You can count on our company to be completely honest with you and address your storage unit needs and concerns.

Once you sign your paperwork, you can take comfort in knowing that the price is not going to change or contain any hidden fees.



Whenever you need self storage in New Hampshire, seek out Store It Now. We have plenty of excellent options, expertise, and locations. We will help you and ensure your belongings are kept in a safe and secure unit.