What Not to Put in a Storage Unit

New Hampshire self storageStorage units are tremendously helpful. They offer the protection your prized possessions need while you cannot hold them, and have plenty of room to keep them safe.

However, not everything is going to fit well in a storage unit. Observe what you should avoid putting in a storage unit below, and contact us for excellent New Hampshire self storage.



Temperature-Sensitive Items

Storage units are kept at neutral temperatures. It helps keep things uniform and consistent, without wasting too much energy. We keep our New Hampshire self storage units at a reasonable temperature for this reason.

So, if your item has any ability to be changed by temperature, it is wise not to put it in your unit. Warmer temperatures will cause cool objects to become warped or melt, while some items call for high heat to thrive. Be sure they can endure neutral climates.


Anything You Need Close By

Even if your storage is only necessary for a short amount of time, you do not want to have your most precious, handy items locked away. Make note of what you will need with you at all times.

Having access to your most personal and valuable items is important, and you should avoid placing them somewhere you cannot access easily. If you have to frequent the storage unit for an item, it becomes a bit frustrating for everyone involved – so save the trip and take your must-haves with you before storage.


Easily Breakable Items

Though there is plenty of security available and a strong hold on your belongings, they cannot withstand everything. Especially if a unit is cramped, mistakes can easily happen.

Make sure anything you store is able to withstand slight damage. You never know if a box is going to fall on another, or if security personnel mishandles your items. If you absolutely need to store something that is fragile, let the staff know so the can take special care of your items.



Plenty of foods are able to last for quite a while, however, the can still be affected by heat or other external factors. Proper containment of food will ensure it is still edible and able to be cooked.

Do not put any perishable food items in your unit, and try to avoid locking up food altogether. Temperatures may change their composition and render them inedible. It is best to take your food with you when you are traveling.


Beauty Products

These can be marked as essentials you need close by. However, if you are able to do without certain beauty products, simply take them with you anyway.

Heat is the enemy in this case as well, as it can change the chemical composition of your favorite moisturizer and even build enough pressure to cause it to ooze everywhere. Not a good time for anyone involved!



Knowing what you can and cannot store away in a unit will save you some time and guesswork, so it is always wise to be ahead of the curve. If you have any questions about New Hampshire self storage, or want to secure a unit yourself, contact Store It Now! We’re happy to help.