When You Should Use A Storage Unit

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Storage units are an excellent idea for secure place holding. When preparing for storage, it can be a bit hard to tell if you are in need of a complete unit.  Below, observe a few situations that call for a storage unit. For quality New Hampshire self storage, contact Store It Now.   Moving – Most […]

How Storage Can Extend the Shelf Life of Belongings

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When you have belongings that are near and dear to you, keeping them safe and in good condition becomes an important goal. Especially when you are moving or making your way to a new location, you want to be sure that your belongings will stay in good shape and be readily available for you when […]

What You Should Know About Storage

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Utilizing a brand new service is an interesting experience. Since it has not been part of your life before, it is not something you have worked with or have experience with. To ensure a good experience, it is a smart idea to brush up on some key knowledge about the service you are going to […]

How To Make The Storage Process Easier

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Getting your belongings packed and ready to move can be a tedious task, with plenty of factors that can make it more complicated in a flash. However, it does not have to be a process that is extremely stressful or difficult. There are definitely ways you can make the process much more easy and smoother […]

Five Ways To Manage Items You Pack

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As you prepare to use storage units in NH, you know a few things: you need to find a locker, it’s going to cost money, and specific items get put into the unit while others go with you during your move. It can be hectic getting all of your things together and condensing them to […]

When To Switch Storage Unit Size

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Finding a proper storage unit requires plenty of research and dedication to the cause. You want to be sure that the unit is serviceable in terms of function, security, and size.  Size can be a tricky portion, since it is hard to know which option to work with when you are looking to store your items. […]

Preparing Your Car For Storage

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When you have to store your car, it is important to be sure that the process is done properly. This includes some preparation beforehand. Follow the tips below to prepare your car for a storage unit, and contact Store It Now for quality NH self storage.     Remove the Excess Clutter You do not […]

How To Maximize Your Unit Space

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When you book a storage unit, the main goal is to keep your belongings safe and sound while having enough space to do so. It is important to make sure that your space has the most room possible so your belongings stay separate but protected. There are a few ways you can maximize the space […]

What to Put In Size-Specific Storage Units

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If you are new to using storage units, it can be a bit daunting and hard to know where to start. Making sure everything is completely taken care of, secure, and accounted for will ensure the best use of your time and money. Below, observe what you can fit into each size of a storage […]

How To Manage Your Storage Unit

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Putting your personal items in a storage unit is a good, effective way to keep them safe while you make your way to a brand new destination. It is important that you can have utmost confidence in the unit’s ability to protect your items. However, it can be difficult to keep tabs on everything. Below, […]