Preparing Your Car For Storage

NH self storageWhen you have to store your car, it is important to be sure that the process is done properly. This includes some preparation beforehand.

Follow the tips below to prepare your car for a storage unit, and contact Store It Now for quality NH self storage.



Remove the Excess Clutter

You do not want to have the storage unit employees deal with any excess mess or clutter in your vehicle. Be sure your car is clean and ready for inspection, or at least clean enough to have plenty of room on the floor. Take your car to a car wash and vacuum it out so it is nice and clutter-free. Remove anything that is unnecessary and messy.


Take Care of Personal Belongings

Leaving your trusted vehicle behind is hard enough. It will become an even more annoying situation if you leave something meaningful behind as you travel. Any personal items that have meaning, and their accessories, should be safely brought out of your car and in your hands. How else are you going to have awesome music on your trip if you can’t carry your iPod?


Make Sure Everything Is Working Well

A messy car is one problem. A vehicle that has plenty of problems and is just about ready to buckle under pressure is another horrible issue entirely. Do a quick inspection of your vehicle and ensure it is safe to drive and operate. If it is making any strange noises or not moving the way it should, get it checked out prior to storing it. If it is left unattended in the unit, the car’s problems can only get worse from neglect.


Remove Temperature-Sensitive Items

There is no guarantee that the storage unit you choose will have temperatures suitable for maintaining every item in your car. Going for a climate-controlled room is always a great idea. Our units are completely climate-controlled, making them a great option for NH self storage.

However, if an item in your car cannot withstand anything other than fairly neutral temperatures, it may have to make its way out of the vehicle. It would not be good to have something get very cold or melt while you are away.


Do Your Research

This is a common sense step, but cannot be underestimated. Make sure the company you are choosing to do business with is reputable, and has room for everything that you are storing. Talk to the employees in detail about what they can offer your vehicle for storage, and be sure to ask any questions you have about the process. It will definitely feel better to choose a company you can trust instead of second guessing.



Storing your car is a process that needs plenty of consideration and preparation. It is important to ensure your car will be taken care of and still in good shape upon your return. Keep the above tips in mind, and contact Store It Now for various types of NH self storage – including auto mobiles.