Perfect Auto Storage

Cars are an interesting part of daily life. For some, they are a hobby. They buy them, fix them up, cherish them, and sell them for something to do. But for others, they are just a means to get from Point A to Point B promptly. Whatever your relationship, vehicles are an investment and something to be taken care of. We understand how big of a decision it is to place your car in the hands of someone else. To learn why you should select one of our five locations for your auto storage, read on.

Safe & Secure

Each of our facilities is equipped with high tech security solutions, so you never have to worry about someone accessing your vehicle that shouldn’t. We also have regular staff on site, so someone is always keeping an eye on your unit. Cars are typically sizable purchases, so keep them safe in our auto storage units.

Weather Protection

During the winter months, you’re probably not in your driveway tinkering with a car or even driving it all that often. Leaving it outside can cause damage and premature wear and tear. On especially older cars, this damage can be so severe that you can no longer drive it! Our 10×20 units will keep your vehicle protected from the elements all year round.

Plenty of Space

Some storage facilities advertise vehicle storage, but the small units aren’t designed to keep your car protected. Our units come in a variety of sizes as large as a two car garage. You never have to worry about scratching your prized possession moving in and out of the space. Also, having space to move around gives you the opportunity to work on the car and spend time in the unit without feeling cramped.

Whether you’re looking to store an antique truck or a European sports car, we have space for you! Our secure, climate control units are the perfect auto storage solution to protect your purchase through a severe New England winter. For more information, visit our site here.