Packing Tips for a Storage Unit

New Hampshire self storageMoving all of your items to a storage unit can be a stressful and trying experience. Working to get everything together, and fit well enough, is not the easiest thing to do. However, you can observe some tips below to make packing your items a bit easier. When you’re ready to go, contact us for quality New Hampshire self storage and get started.



  • Know How Much Space You Need

By observing size options and committing to a clear choice, you can have a formed plan for your storage unit. It is essential to make sure your packing fits within the area you are going to use. Know what you can afford to store in terms of space and spending, and gather items that can make that space nice and full. You do not want to end up spending extra money on space you do not need, so packing everything up and then booking the appropriate unit once you assess the amount will save you from headaches. We offer plenty of sizes if you are looking for varied spaces and New Hampshire self storage.


  • Don’t Worry About Nonessentials

Think – do you really want to keep that furniture, or art that you have hung up? If you are looking to get rid of any excess clutter, packing is one of the best opportunities to get rid of any junk. Also take note of what items you will want readily available to you and that you cannot afford to lose while everything else is in storage. Set them aside so they are at your disposal and to prevent worrying about packing it up with everything else.


  • Condense When Possible

Keeping the packed items as easy to handle as possible is key to an easier and successful storage experience. If you can, use your boxes and other materials to store the most you can possible. Grouping boxes or materials together will save you space as well. Condensed and more efficient packing will ensure you do not have to spend excess money on the space you need.


  • Make Sure You Have Everything

You do not want to be in a spot where you end up losing an item, having it unaccounted for and lost in the shuffle. Keep tabs on what is going where. While you pack, make a list of everything you want to store, what you can afford to get rid of, and what you will be able to carry with you outside of the unit. Organization is key and will ensure that everything will have its rightful place.


  • Use Durable Materials

Some items require proper materials and plenty of care when you pack them. You cannot afford to use cheap storage materials – they will not protect your items as fully as you would hope and could end up damaging goods. Make sure the boxes, crates, etc. that you are holding your belongings in are sound in quality and able to withstand a bit of roughness. The safety of your belongings is reliant on the security of a unit, but what keeps them together is just as important.



Efficient packing is going to make your storage a breeze. Follow the tips above for a successful packing, and contact Store It Now for any of your New Hampshire storage needs.