Packing Tips

New Hampshire Storage

  • Organize – figure out what you need to pack.  Plan on spending time packing in advance of moving.
  • Purchase packing supplies – boxes, tape, markers, blankets, shrink wrap, storage bins, scissors, utility knife
  • Sort through items – don’t move what you don’t need
  • Create donation piles and throw-away piles
  • Start packing things not needed
  • Label boxes – keep inventory list – know how to locate imporant papers
  • Do not pack or store hazardous, perishable or flammable items including plants
  • Use special care with sentimental items – mark fragile items
  • Do not over pack heavy items
  • Pack lamps, mirrors, and picture frames – use specialty boxes
  • Use file boxes for paperwork
  • Wrap plates and store on sides in box – not flat – mark fragile
  • Use wardrobe boxes for clothing
  • Group similiar size boxes together for easy loading into truck or storage unit