New Hampshire Car Parking & Auto Storage

We know you love your convertible and fancy sports cars, but they aren’t exactly compatible with traditional New England winters. Driving cars unfit for snow and cold weather can not only damage your vehicle, but it can also put you in danger! If you’re looking to make room in your driveway for something a little more realistic, let us help you! We have car parking and auto storage at three of our New Hampshire locations.


Beware of Salt

Salt, the chemical they use to melt ice and snow off roads, can be damaging to vehicles if not washed off promptly. Corrosion can cause rust, especially underneath the car. By storing your summertime ride in one of our auto storage units, you can keep it safe not only from the elements but from salt as well. Although all cars experience damage with prolonged exposure to salt, cars not built for this type of weather will likely have an even harder time.

Clear Your Driveway

If you choose not to drive a vehicle year round, you can cover it and leave it in your driveway until the weather decides to cooperate. This poses a few problems, however. Even covered and undriven, your car is still exposed to the extreme cold New Hampshire winters bring.

Further, clearing your driveway will be even more difficult if you keep your car there. By choosing to park your car at one of our three parking lots or many storage units, you can trust it’ll be safe until spring.

If you’re not planning on driving your vehicle during the winter anyway, you might as well keep it somewhere safe. Our parking services allow an affordable alternative to keeping it in your yard or taking up valuable driveway real estate, and you can feel secure that your investment is somewhere protected. For more information about our auto storage solutions, visit our site here.