Making the Most of Your Storage Unit

New Hampshire self storageWhen making the choice to store some items away for a while, it is imperative that you know how to best use the space effectively. Having plenty of knowledge about what type of storage unit you need will save you plenty of headaches and allow your belongings to be safe and secure. Below, observe some tips to maximize your unit’s potential. For quality New Hampshire self storage, you can count on Store It Now.



  • Store Only What Is Necessary

It would be a drag if you were all ready to lock up your storage unit and you left your laptop or music behind. No one wants to have their most precious items far from reach.

Prior to your unit selection, make sure you are only putting items in there that are necessary for living, but do not need to be with you all the time. If you are moving to a new living space, you may want to rid yourself of any excess furniture or clutter you know you cannot use in the new space – or don’t want anymore. Keep a close tab on what is set to be locked away so you do not lose anything valuable in the process.


  • Pick the Proper Size

Trying to save a few extra bucks here and there is a practice we all could do a little more with. Cutting unnecessary costs is a big step to some extra spending money, and all it can take sometimes is a little planning. Work with what you need to store, and see exactly how much room you need when all is said and done, especially before you make a call to book it. Excess space means a higher price, and that unit could have gone to someone that truly needed the space. Your wallet will be pleased if you take the time to get a proper size and not waste any room.


  • Look Out for Hidden Fees

Storage operations tend to hike up the price on your unit through its duration. Late fees, rate changes, startup fees, and equipment use fees can be hidden and appear on your bill later. When shopping around for a unit, look into a company with ethics. When it comes to New Hampshire self storage, we have zero hidden fees or gimmicks, and will not cost you more than necessary.


  • Store Neutral Temperature Items

Storage units are typically kept at a neutral temperature, where you can expect little to no change in climate. Be sure to keep temperature-appropriate items in your unit. If your item that needs storage can change from heat or neutral temperatures, keep them away. The goods will be damaged, and are sure to leave a sizable mark on the rest of the unit as it is neglected.


  • Have Security Readily Available

These are your precious, valuable belongings that are being stored. You will want to make sure they are protected and that the company will have plenty of surveillance at hand. Make sure the people you choose for self storage have a well-trained security staff comprised of officers who will ensure your belongings will arrive – and stay – nice and safe.



In the midst of the big changes that come with purchasing a storage unit, it is important to know how to best utilize the space and concept of these units. You do not want to have a bad experience, or have your belongings in jeopardy. You can trust us for excellent New Hampshire self storage. Contact us for multiple locations to satisfy your storage needs!