How To Maximize Your Unit Space

NH self storageWhen you book a storage unit, the main goal is to keep your belongings safe and sound while having enough space to do so. It is important to make sure that your space has the most room possible so your belongings stay separate but protected. There are a few ways you can maximize the space in your storage unit, so follow the tips below to make the most of your investment. For any NH self storage needs you have, contact Store It Now!



Pack Efficiently

Making your items as condensed and unified as possible will ensure that your space can have room to hold plenty of items. Prior to renting your unit, pack all items tightly and group as many of them together as possible. This will result in more strategically placed items, so your unit will have much more room to store whatever you need.


Stack Items

It may feel like a game of Tetris, but strategic stacking and placement can really make a difference. If it is safe to keep items on top of or next to each other, go for it. You will find that it gives you more space to work with while keeping your items even closer together and more accessible.


Pack Only What You Need To

We can often get carried away when we are dealing with things in life. Getting items together for a storage unit can be quite stressful, and result in overpacking or forgetting items. Take the extra time to assess what you truly need to have packed away, and keep to only those items. It is important to be sure that you do not pack unnecessary or your most personal items. You will have more room if you do not overcompensate.


Inspect the Unit Beforehand

If you take a look at the unit you are set to use before you book it, you will have a complete idea of what to expect and how much room you have to store your belongings. This is key to knowing how much you can store and how easily you can pack things together. Taking a look at the unit is a very real way to see the space in person, allowing you to make the appropriate plans and decisions before you rent it out. It will help you use your space in a smarter way.


Explore Size Options

The best way to know how much you can maximize your space is to explore what options are out there. Many storage unit services are able to provide a variety of sizes for your needs, so be on the look out. With plenty of options, there are enough ways to brainstorm and find the space you need. We offer plenty of sizing options for your NH self storage needs, so be sure to use them as a resource!



Maximizing your storage unit’s space is key to making it a safe and successful storage venture. It also allows you to get the most value for your money. There are plenty of ways to make allotted space work for you. When you need to get NH self storage to maximize, contact us!