How To Manage Your Storage Unit

NH self storagePutting your personal items in a storage unit is a good, effective way to keep them safe while you make your way to a brand new destination. It is important that you can have utmost confidence in the unit’s ability to protect your items. However, it can be difficult to keep tabs on everything.

Below, see how you can manage your storage unit – whether you are close by or a bit removed from the situation. When you require quality NH self storage, look no further than Store It Now.



1.) Call on security

If you want to have some peace of mind from the unit company staff, security is a great way to achieve that and have your items observed. See if you are able to talk to your storage company and enlist their security to keep tabs on your unit. Chances are they are already on it, but you can count on them to be very efficient regardless.


2.) Rent a unit with accessibility 

More often than not, a storage unit company can provide you with a unique code or key that makes your unit highly accessible. This can be especially useful if you need to take something out, or look for something that is missing. It is a hands-on way to access your stuff and be confident in the state of your belongings.


3.) Keep tabs on times

To avoid some fees, it is important to be very efficient and proper with your rental service. Be sure to remove your items on time, pay everything on time, and stay within your rental window. Otherwise, you may be charged with excess fees. Keeping the timing managed will avoid headaches.

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4.) Store the right items

When you are able to store your items in a unit, it is important that they are items capable of the units’ conditions. It makes everything much more manageable, so be sure to pack up the right items – avoid any items that need to be kept in specific climates, are fragile, or need to be close to you.


5.) Use insurance if possible

Look into your insurance policy and see if they are able to help cover portions of the storage process. This way, you can have confidence that your belongings will be protected or replaced if something happens while they are stored in the unit. It is comforting to have peace of mind, and this is a great way to enhance security if you are able to.



When renting a storage unit, keeping everything managed and observed is a good way to make the experience easier and more comfortable for you while you are away. Follow the tips above, and your rental unit experience will be much easier to keep tabs on.

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