How Much New Hampshire Self Storage Do I Need?

Choosing a self-storage facility can be difficult. You want something that’s easy to access, but also secure. Additionally, you want to select a space that fits your needs. At Store It Now, we have five local New Hampshire locations, each offering storage space ranging from the size of an average hall closet to a two car garage. Sometimes it’s hard to envision how much space you actually need. If you’re looking for New Hampshire self-storage, read on to find the perfect size for you.

5×5, 5×10, or 5×15

These three units are the smallest spaces we offer. They are the size of typical closets you’d find in your home. You may be thinking that it’s not a lot of room, but remember, since it’s not livable space, you don’t need space to maneuver around. Simply pile (neatly) all of your belongings to stretch the square footage the farthest. These units can hold anything from small furniture and toys to holiday decorations, to the entire contents of an apartment!

10×10 or 10×15

These spaces are the next size group that we offer. Best compared to the size of an average to large bedroom, these are perfect for storing furniture you don’t need now, or if you’re temporarily downsizing your living situation. They can typically hold everything from your two bedroom apartment or small home.

10×20, 10×25, or 10×30

Our largest group of New Hampshire self-storage space can be compared to garage space. This is ideal for storing one (or two) cars, and can even fit the contents of your home! Whether you need to store 3, 4, or 5 bedrooms worth of stuff, Store It Now has the perfect space for you!

We understand how difficult it can be to find a safe and reliable self-storage facility. Each of our five New Hampshire self-storage locations is equipped with high security to keep your belongings secure. That being said, we also make it super easy for you to access your unit at your leisure. For more information or to learn which of our units are available, please visit our site here.