Five Ways To Manage Items You Pack

storage units in NHAs you prepare to use storage units in NH, you know a few things: you need to find a locker, it’s going to cost money, and specific items get put into the unit while others go with you during your move. It can be hectic getting all of your things together and condensing them to fit inside a designated space, but, with these tips, you can have a much more organized process the next time you want to use a unit from Store It Now.



1.) Take inventory

Having a master list of what items go in which box and where they will stay is a necessity. It cuts down guesswork and helps you understand what goes where. Plus, if you can’t find something down the road, you’ll know the precise item you’re missing and where it could be. It’s a relief to have a concrete solution.


2.) Categorize

One of the most straightforward ways of condensing is categorization. A hierarchy makes sorting a breeze, not to mention it’s another way to observe what you have at your disposal. You’ll understand what kinds of items you have after categorizing them and be able to eliminate things not safe for storage units in NH from the get-go.


3.) Don’t rush

We all tend to bite off more than we can chew sometimes. Still, that doesn’t mean it has to impact your life! Packing – especially during a move – is an activity that requires a lot of planning and plenty of time for execution. Don’t rush through the process. If you do, you may lose items, forget them, or damage them due to carelessness.


4.) Book a unit well ahead of time

The last thing you want to deal with during a move is a roadblock. You may believe finding a storage unit is simple, but it still requires some planning. When you’re planning on moving, take measurements of how much space you need and call us as soon as you can. It’s one less thing to worry about and makes you feel on top of things.


5.) Get rid of clutter

You won’t have to deal with further frustration if you eliminate factors that make packing difficult. If you don’t need something that’s part of your packing pile, throw it away or donate it.



With these tips, packing can become something that gives you plenty of control. You put in the work, and we will provide storage units in NH for all your belongings.