Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Storage

Holiday items, including decorations, food, lights, dinnerware, and the like, are some of the most popular things in NH storage units which makes sense! You only use these items for a short time, and they would be in the way in your own home. But there are some steps you need to do to make sure your items stay in pristine condition, as well as follow the storage rules of your facility.

Do: Wrap Everything Up

Properly wrapping everything is the best way to ensure your items are found precisely as you left them. It keeps them safe from dust, as well as makes it easier to transport. When packing things away in our NH storage units, it’s also easier to find everything you’re looking for if they’re wrapped together. For example, if you’re storing a set of holiday lights, keep the extra bulbs nearby.

Don’t: Store Perishables

This may go without saying, but just in case it isn’t: don’t put perishables in storage units! Things like leftover cookies and Christmas trees shouldn’t be packed away until next season. Make sure to only store decorations made from plastic and other non-perishable materials – no plants!

Do: Pack Fragiles in Boxes

Even in the safety of your attic, you probably don’t put your nicest china away in a haphazard pile when you’re done with it. Make sure to store fragile items, like glass dinnerware or figurines, in boxes packed with packing material or newspaper.

Don’t: Forget the Gifts!

When it comes to hiding presents from Sneaky Pete’s, a private storage unit is the perfect solution! With our flexible hours, you’ll be able to come and go all holiday season. Just make sure not to forget them on the big day!

Here at Store It Now, we’re here to help year round. Whether you need to store your summer toys or holiday decorations, we promise to keep them safe until next season. For more information on our available units, check out our site here.