A Brief History of the Storage Unit

Many of us, at some point, will find ourselves in need of storage.  There are several reasons for utilizing storage space.  Perhaps you are moving, have excess belongings, or are looking for winter car storage in Derry, NH. All Around Self Storage is partnered with several facilities throughout New Hampshire.  Serving the needs of customers with cost-effective, secure facility space dates back to ancient times.  From vegetable storage to needing a secure location while traveling, self-storage has been a need of many for thousands of years.


Ancient Civilizations

Ancient history has documented proof of several different ways that people stored their personal belongings.  In China, clay pots were used and stored underground.  There is recorded evidence showing China’s system being a public system for all to utilize.  Thus, it is safe to say this system was the very beginning of the self-storage facility. 

While China led the path for the modern-day system, Greece utilized a unique method of storage.  Their system implemented an elaborate filing system for written documents.  Similarly, the British had their version of storage.  Utilizing the banking system, the British stored personal belongings within these secure walls while traveling for periods of time.


Modern Day

The United States first saw signs of self-storage in 1895 from a man named Martin Bekin.  Bekin created buildings for immigrants coming into the country.  With no residence of their own, immigrants utilized Bekin’s storage system to store their belongings until they were settled.  Although the concept is familiar, the “units” themselves were large crowded spaces lacking organization. Not until 1906 did we begin to see a resemblance of the modern storage unit.  Steel and concrete warehouses in L.A. were created to hold belongings.  These structures are the foundation of what we know today.  However, the late 1960s brought the first actual self-storage facility to Odessa, TX. By the 1980s storage facilities became a widespread idea across the globe.  Business’ also begin to gain interest due to overflowing office equipment.  By 2018 there were an estimated 44,000 – 52,000 storage facilities across the United States.


With many options available choosing the proper storage facility can be overwhelming.  If you are looking for storage space, consider All Around Self Storage in Derry, NH.  Offering climate and non-climate controlled interior and exterior units, your belongings are sure to be kept in tip-top condition.  To inquire on current rates and available sizes, contact them today at (603) 421-1775.