4 Hidden Self-Storage Fees to Avoid

Business people gathered and consultingWith NH self-storage sites at every corner, customers have many choices when it comes to choosing a self-storage facility, but not every unit or facility is created equal. Some storage companies line their contracts with hidden fees and fine print that causes you to pay more than advertised. To be sure that you are not being overcharged or charged unfairly, it is very important to be as informed as possible before signing up for a unit. Here are 4 common fees and fine print items to look out for when choosing a storage provider:

  • Rate Changes: Many storage facilities, especially large, nation-wide corporations, change their rates once customers are already locked into a contract. This means the $120 monthly rate that you agreed on upfront may turn into a $160 monthly commitment in a matter of months. To avoid a price increase, make sure you’re aware of this policy before signing!
  • Late Fees: You probably won’t find a facility that doesn’t charge late fees, but you should definitely make sure the late fee structure is fair and easy to understand. Also, make sure rent reminders are sent to you in a way you will receive them. For example, signing up for email notices if you rarely check your email may lead to a pile up of bills and late fees that you are unaware of.
  • Startup Fees: Be weary of administrative fees and changes that don’t really have an explanation. Asking for more than 1 month’s rent or the cost of a lock is probably a sneaky way for storage providers to nail a little more cash from you for no good reason.
  • Equipment Use Fees: While most facilities do charge for boxes and packing supplies, charging customers a fee for using dollies or flat carts is unnecessary and such equipment should be available for your convenience at no charge.

All of Store It Now’s locations have honest, easy-to-read contracts and we guarantee that the price you agree to at signing will never increase during the entire duration of your stay. Storage should be easy and stress free, and we’re happy to help you accommodate your storage needs at any time.