4 Considerations For RV and Automobile Storage

Boat storage in NH from Store It NowFor many people, Memorial Day marks the start of a summer and a few months filled with sunshine, camping and boating. As families across the region start breaking out their summer toys, the last thing on their minds is where they’ll store their land or watercrafts at the end of the summer season. You may be interested to know that some state laws prohibit storage of RVs and boats on lawns and car-parks, so finding an alternative may not only be convenient, but may also save you some legal trouble. To avoid costly fines and potential impounding, you may think about renting a storage unit at a facility made for large units like boats, trailers and RVs. Since everyone has different storage needs in mind when looking around for the right fit, here are 4 things to consider:

  1. Covered vs Uncovered Spots: The two main options when renting a sizable storage unit are simple – covered or uncovered. Depending on your preference and value of the item you are renting, you may want to look in to a covered parking spot. This will help keep your unit out of the harsh New England weather but will be more expensive than a traditional uncovered spot. Uncovered spots make sense for customers looking to store an item that can bear the weather and for those who don’t want to pay the premium for a covered spot.
  2. Electrical Hookups: Some covered parking spots come equipped with electrical hookups to accommodate customers storing RVs or electric cars. As stated before, covered parking is more expensive, but may be worth it in exchange for reliability and convenience.
  3. Property Access: How often do you plan on accessing your stored vehicle or trailer? If the answer is often, don’t forget to ask if the facility has 24-hour access, which means you’ll have unit access outside of the office hours.
  4. Security: No matter where you store your belongings, you want to make sure your items are safe and secure at all times. Try looking for a facility with a security system in place including a gate system and 24-hour surveillance cameras. Having the peace of mind is worth it.

Good luck with your storage search and have a fun-filled summer. As always, Store It Now is happy to discuss and address your storage needs at any time. Give us a call today!